Primers & Varnishes

Uses of varnishes and primers spray paint

Primers are applied to improve the paint’s grip on certain surfaces, so there are specific products designed to do just that. Varnishes, as we know, are applied as a final coat over the paint to enhance its resistance, not only to wear and tear but also to inclement weather, friction, impact and the passage of time.

It should be noted that the use of primers and varnishes, in aerosol format or not, is essential at times and optional at others. This depends on the requirements of each type of paint, the material to be painted, and the environmental conditions.

Although the formula of most Montana Colors spray paints has good grip and makes them very resistant on a wide variety of surfaces, the use of spray primers and varnishes may be necessary, depending on the type of paint to be used and the conditions that the painted surface will endure. For example, with low opacity paints such as fluorescent colors, spray primers become a fundamental element for ensuring correct color visibility. On the other hand, paints that are more sensitive to external factors, such as ultraviolet radiation, will prolong their life with the correct application of varnish.

Plastics and metal primer spray paint
The field of primers is led by its most basic and versatile option: the MTN PRO White Base Primer. However, we also find other more specialized options with specific characteristics such as the MTN PRO Anti-Rust Primer, whose anticorrosive power protect metal surfaces, or the MTN PRO Wash Primer, specially formulated for surfaces such as galvanized steel, aluminum and other types of polished metals. We also have the MTN PRO Plastic Primer, a transparent spray primer specially adapted to function as an anchor on plastic surfaces.

Transparent acrylic varnish spray
When it comes to the varnish section, among the most versatile we offer are the MTN PRO Acrylic Varnish and the MTN Synthetic Varnish, whose main differences are their flexibility and drying speed. In both cases, these clear varnish sprays are each available in matte, glossy or satin finishes.

Spray varnishes for wood, furnitures and vehicles
In addition to the universal varnishes discussed above, in this Montana Colors range, you can also find MTN PRO Teak Oil, a spray varnish for wood that is formulated with resins and natural oils and is specially formulated to protect and enhance the appearance of wood. We also have the MTN PRO Glitter Varnish, which adds a transparent layer with glittery sparkles to the surface it’s applied to. To round off the selection of varnishes, we also have the MTN PRO Varnish 2K, a two-component product that offers extreme protection against chemical agents and humidity, and is especially recommended for vehicles, bicycles, and for surfaces that may be exposed to chemical agents.

As always, the spray format is the most comfortable way for applying these kinds of products effectively and precisely, as well as being easy to store.

Check out our How To section full of tutorial videos and ideas and discover all the applications of Montana Colors sprays.


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