Urban Media OTIS 1999-2019 Book

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Urban Media OTIS 1999-2019

The OTIS 1999-2019 book shows the highlights of the writer OTIS. On a total of 368 pages, divided into nine chapters, the reader is guided chronologically through the artist's entire career. The hardcover book contains a 32-page prologue showing the artist's development from 1995 to 1998 up to the first OTIS panel. From 1999 on, only works on trains are shown.

In addition to a large number of his own stories, there are also texts by the following guest authors: EDWARD NIGHTINGALE, FUTO, GRIM, KEATS, KID CRAP, MOSES, OSMAN, RAGE, REGIE, RIZE, SAFIR, SKOE, SOLVE, SPER, VALE.

The high quality hardcover book is made in Germany. It is bound in a refined linen cover with embossing, the contents are shown on different kinds of paper and will contain a special silver ink.