327 One4All Chisel

Highly opaque and UV resistant on nearly all surfaces: The sustainable ONE4ALL acrylic marker system has been built to refill and is always reliable in all its functions. A low wear and numerous possible applications offer an added value to these markers. Whether painting surf board, canvas, fridge, graffiti or sneakers: nothing is impossible. With 50 color shades, these markers are talented all-rounders. Individual nuances and color shades can be mixed easily. Effect colors make coloring exciting. Shouldn’t be missing in an artists product range – everyone’s darling since 2008.

Next to high-value applications and artworks (mixed media) the ONE4ALL acrylic color system is ideal for the design of ornamental items on nearly all surfaces. Quality restrictions and a loss of color characteristics might appear when using unclean or wrongly prepared surfaces. Generally a previous check of the color on the chosen surface at a discreet place is advisable.

Please note that absorbent, flexible and uneven surfaces are naturally more unsuitable for paintings than smooth and unabsorbent surfaces.


  • Acrylic-based
  • Semi-gloss
  • Highly opaque
  • Quick-drying
  • Non-toxic
  • 50 color shades


all cap soft cap soft cap soft cap

soft cap soft cap soft cap soft cap

Default Title Zinc Yellow [327] - 24145 €7.15
Default Title DARE Orange [327] €7.15
Default Title Traffic Red [327] - 24144 €7.15
Default Title Burgundy [327] €7.15
Default Title Purple Violet [327] €7.15
Default Title Shock Blue Middle [327] - 24164 €7.15
Default Title Shock Blue [327] €7.15
Default Title True Blue [327] €7.15
Default Title Currant [327] €7.15
Default Title Magenta [327] €7.15
Default Title Fuscia Pink [327] €7.15
Default Title Neon Pink [327] - 24163 €7.15
Default Title Calypso Middle [327] €7.15
Default Title Lagoon Blue [327] €7.15
Default Title Turquoise [327] €7.15
Default Title Poison Green [327] €7.15
Default Title Grasshopper Green [327] €7.15
Default Title Kacao 77 Green [327] €7.15
Default Title Grey Blue Light [327] €7.15
Default Title Grey Blue Dark [327] €7.15
Default Title White [327] - 24143 €6.95
Default Title Black [327] - 24142 €7.15
Default Title Metallic Silver [327] €7.15
Default Title Metallic Gold [327] €7.15