Burners & Coversall

Time for outdoor painting! BURNER™ Chrome and Black are perfect for quick silver pieces. High gloss finish: Till this day the BURNER™ chrome quality has been unreached. The particularly high pigmentation provides the color with very good opacity. This action spray can lacks nothing: thanks to high output, large areas can be covered within a short time. At the same time this can is especially quiet, as the mixing of the pigments needs no mixing balls. The patented MOLOTOW™ technology guarantees the functionality even in winter, up to -10°C overkill-proof. Real action only with the BURNER™ - since 1996.

Default Title Chrome 600ML - 1938 $9.00
Default Title CoversAll 2 600ML - 1952 $9.00
Default Title Gold 600ML - 1940 $10.00
Default Title CoversAll 3 750ML - 1958 $10.00
Default Title Bronze 600ML - 1942 $10.00
Default Title COVERSALL™ 400ML $7.00
Default Title BURNER™ BLACK 600 ML $9.00