MTN MAD MAXXX is a powerful 750 ml spray paint that blasts out a chiseled line of about 25-30 cm wide. Designed to fill large surfaces at high speed, it can also be used to paint enormous sized typography.

MTN MAXIMO’S Crazy Brother. The 750 ml format MAXIMO range expands with MAD MAXXX, a revolutionary, 25 - 30 cm wide, dense, chiseled line spray paint. Specially designed to fill large surfaces at an unprecedented speed, MADMAXXX is also useful for painting gigantic typography, thanks to its powerful transversal line. MAD MAXXX is available in 8 colors. Controllable Power. Two components in this spray paint have been optimized to result in maximum power: the valve flow and the cap. Adjustments to the formula offer a dense paint that prevents running and drips, and it is so quick-drying that it may be repainted after seconds. Its easy-to-use valve is also suitable for outlining large shapes with precision. In addition, the paint is 100% compatible with the rest of the Montana Colors spray paints.
Nozzle included


  • 750 ml
  • Black 2G "Silver Killer ©"
  • Chrome Silver
  • Male Valve
  • Very High Pressure

Default Title MAD MAXXX - Black - HW_59BFFDBD €9.50
Default Title MAD MAXXX - Chrome - HW_E7B87725 €9.50
Default Title MAD MAXXX-Vivid Red - 343 €9.50
Default Title MAD MAXXX-Paris Green - 9090 €9.50
Default Title MAD MAXXX-Electric Blue - 5656 €9.50
Default Title MAD MAXXX-Anonymous violet - 8988 €9.50
Default Title MAD MAXXX-White - 898 €9.50
Default Title MAD MAXXX-Light Yellow - 898 €9.50