XXLs / 750 KRINK

MAXIMO is another one of Montana Colors’ historic products, being the largest available size for many years. It is available in three basic colors: white, black and silver.

Think big. The idea behind this spray can, the first of its dimensions on the market, is to offer the maximum paint possible in a single convenient format. The density of the paint varies depending on the color and for that reason the white and black versions of MAXIMO can cover 7 m2, while silver can reach up to 14 m2 of coverage. The paint is composed of a formula that’s capable of working efficiently in extreme conditions. In addition, being that it’s a large format spray paint, it isn’t essential to shake the can thoroughly before use.

The Maximum amount of paint possible. The name Maximo derives precisely from the fact that it’s the largest available size for aerosol paint. Any size larger would be considered dangerous, and isn’t legally permitted. Its large capacity is its main feature despite having been incorporated into other later models such as K-750 and MADMAXXX but with higher pressure.

The K-750 is a Montana Colors spray paint developed in collaboration with the renowned New York marker and ink brand, KRINK. The valve and formula release a powerful shot that makes it possible to spray from a distance of over one meter away from the wall.

Nozzle included: Fat pink

  • Synthetic paint
  • 750 ml
  • Gloss finish
  • 3 colors

Default Title Black [750] - 2000 €9.50
Default Title Black [K750] - 22656 €7.50
Default Title White [750] - 400255 €7.50
Default Title Silver [750] - 1998 €9.50