montana nitro 2g - Blue Light

Blue Light [2G]

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Silver Killer Technology

A graffiti writer’s needs for a spray paint capable of efficiently going over chrome brought about the creation of a specific, high quality product. It’s known as Nitro 2G, a series of "Silver Killer" spray paints which can effectively cover the leafing pigments of metallic paints in an efficient way, leaving a finish and resistance that makes it valid for different types of uses.

  • 500ml
  • High pressure.
  • Very fast drying.
  • Does not contain lead nor other heavy metals.
  • Hardens well.
  • Excellent coverage.
  • Great pigment durability.
  • Strong resistance to abrasion once the film is polymerised.
  • Easy to apply and repaint.
  • Excellent resistance to the sun and rain.
  • Very good resistance to UV light