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Heatproof paint formulated essentially with silicone resins and polybutyl titanate and thermostable pigments, especially for the preparation of paints that have a high resistance to temperatures up to 690-700ºC.


- Very fast drying. 

- Good hardening. 

- Good elasticity. 

- Scratch resistance. 

- Good adhesion. 

- Lead free. 

- High covering power. 

- Colour durability. 

- Easy to apply and recoat. 

- Thermo-stability. Resistant to high temperatures up to 690º C. 

- Adheres well to other heatproof paint. 


Suitable for parts or surfaces subject to different stages of thermal shock. 

- Vehicles. Engine blocks, exhaust pipes 

- Industrial applications 

- Maintenance 

- Hot fluid pipes 

- Heaters 

- Boilers 


- Shake the aerosol well before using, approximately for one minute after hearing the sound of the mixer.

- Apply to clean, dry surfaces. On rusty metallic surfacesemove rust with a wire brush. 

- For best results apply in thin layers. Three thin layers are always better than one thick one, and may be repainted within ten minutes with the same paint. 

- Turn the aerosol upside down to clean out the valve after use. If te nozzle becomes blocked replace it with a new one. 

- Never apply to equipment that is plugged in and use in well ventilated areas.