MTN PRO - Photoluminescent

MTN PRO - Photoluminescent

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Photoluminescent acrylic paint with pigments that charge quickly when exposed to light, and glow in the dark for a long period of time.


- Very fast drying. 

- Doesn’t content lead nor other heavy metals. 

- Good adhesion. 

- Easy to apply and recoat. 

- Long lasting luminescence. The light intensity depends on the amount and uniformity of the application. When applied on white surfaces, the maximum lighting effect is achieved. 

- Subsequent varnishing with an acrylic varnish is recommended. 


Due to the product’s characteristics, its use is recommended on surfaces that need to be seen in the absence of light like, car parks, tunnels, pipelines, emergency and evacuation routes, emergency panels, extinguishing equipment. For labeling and signing: 

- Graphic arts. 

- DIY. 

- Industry. 

- Security.