MTN PRO - Stainless Steel

MTN PRO - Stainless Steel

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 Antioxidant coating formulated with acrylic resin and stainless steel metallic pigments. (Stainless Steel). 


- Excellent anticorrosive power. 

- Protects the metallic foundation. 

- Lead free. 

- Good covering power. 

- Very resistant to external temperatures. 

- Excellent welding properties. 

- High resistance to outdoor exposure. 

- Can be recoated with the majority of enamels normally used. 

- Ultra-fast drying. 

- Good elasticity.


 As a finish for surface protection of rough stainless steel. 

- Structural steel 

- Industrial vehicles 

- Metallic storage tanks 

- Welding joints 

- Metallic fences 

- Farm Facilities 

- Coastal facilities 

- All constructions in stainless steel