RAZOR - Colors on Steel

RAZOR - Colors on Steel

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RAZOR is and remains an exceptional phenomenon when it comes to graffiti on trains – worldwide and across all generations! For more than 30 years now, he has been playing his colourful game – mainly in the yards of his home in northern Germany, but trips across the nation and Europe have also been documented in this book.

In every phase of his busy career, he has managed to stand out from the great mass of writers and to constantly raise the bar in terms of quality. The output of his first two decades was still to be found in classic stylewriting, but in recent years he has expanded his repertoire to include conceptual works such as his ICE project. RAZOR - COLORS ON STEEL is structured like a blackbook and has a very personal character. He himself opens the book with the following words:

“Let’s start a blackbook session! Take your time, sit back and enjoy. I’ll show you my blackbook with my works from back in the days when it all began in 1990. It all started first at the end of the 1980s when I was infected by a virus called graffiti. From that point on I did graffiti wherever I wanted to and whenever I wanted to. I’ll show you my photos and I will tell you lots of stories, some crazy, some funny and with all those little details and in the same manner, like I would tell them to my friends.”

The book was already self-published in 2017 and is now coming to graffiti shops for the first time via the third and expanded edition.