Urban Media Abused Beloved Metros Book

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Urban Media Abused Beloved Metros

Metros, the royal discipline of Graffiti, involves ticking off many systems and usually you don't have much time for it. Niker (ABM) has worked intensively on it over the past 3 years and has traveled across continents to show that you can also paint characters on metros in a short time.

Rodik (QMS) also worked for a long time with the metro system in mexico city. Lots of ladders were built and a lot of angle grinder was burning. Karma (PSE) shows us that it doesn't always have to be cans. He paints his metros preferably with brushes and acrylic paint. Clasher (ABM) gives insights into the Berlin underground like a tunnel rat. In addition, a lot of stuff from Kezdy (PSE), TBG, EQT and the RADICALS show metros again in East German style.

Also a little bonus part is showing us the light-rail system in the Rhine-ruhr area. And many more... In case people are now wondering if it is a continuation of "The Comag" ... whatever! In any case, it should not be missing on any good bookshelf. So grab it if you can...the book is limited to 500 copies.

Measures: 21 x 21 cm