Montana 94 Spray Paint

Montana 94


Low pressure,
Matte Paint.
180 Colours!
4.25eur per can.
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Colour Chart


Due to its technical characteristics and development, 94 is most certainly the best spray paint on the market. Ideal for all types of applications, its low-pressure valve allows for excellent spray control.

· 400 ml.
· Matte finish
· Low pressure

MTN 94 set a new standard in spray paint quality and design; with the fusion of ultra fast drying time combined with a new synthetic matte finish formula in a low-pressure can. The high quality components offer an incomparable versatility and precision control in any application.

Aside from a vast range of colors, MTN 94 offers a nine step chromatic gradation for an incredible range of shading. For artists, this is a unique and invaluable tool when executing highly complex pieces of art. MTN 94 gives artists unmatched flexibility when trying to achieve precise nuances or effect.