The new BLACKLINER Calligraphy is ideal for curved and calligraphic lettering or other lively typefaces. 

You can use the new BLACKLINER Brush S perfectly for agile, dynamic and precise lines - it is also suitable for fine drawings in comic style or detailed graffiti sketches. 

Our MOLOTOW ™ BLACKLINER is the first joint product with Schneider Schreibgeräte GmbH. For sketching, for school, for outlines or as a simple fineliner: the BLACKLINER Made in Germany have a document-proof, water-based ink and are also water and chemical resistant, as well as smudge-proof with water and alcohol technology. 

The robust, metal-framed tips from 0.05 mm - 1 mm, Chisel, Round, Brush S and Calligraphy guarantee fine and exact lines and are therefore ideally suited for outlines. 

Thanks to the "cap off" function, the markers are protected from drying out for 90-180 minutes * even without a cap. 

High quality equipped with a non-slip and matt 

Surface, the BLACKLINER lie perfectly in the hand. 

* 1.0 mm line width = 30 minutes