Montana Mega 600


Mega Colors are the evolution of the classic Montana Colors Mega can. This paint possesses practically the same properties as Hardcore but comes in a 600 ml format. That translates not only to a greater quantity of paint, but also to a more powerful spray output that projects a much wider outline due to its valve system.

  • Synthetic paint
  • 600 ml
  • Gloss finish
  • 15 colours
  • 1 fatcap included

Fast-drying, good coverage and higher resistance. All of these technical features are presented in a generous format that contains more paint plus more pressure, making it a pioneering product in terms of technology and formulation on the high pressure spray paint market.

Although it’s suitable for painting all types of materials ranging from domestic, hobby or fine arts purposes, this spray paint is specially designed to cover large surfaces with its wide outline and powerful paint output. With Mega Colors, it’s possible to paint uniform lines of over 20 cm in width and cover a surface area of up to 5.75 m2. That’s why it is considered one of the favourite spray paints of graffiti writers.