Krink K-71 - Red

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The K-71 Marker from Krink are filled with premium Krink ink and are permanent on any smooth surface (cardboard boxes, metal, glass). If you've used Krink products before, then you know how smooth these flow - much better than Sharpies or Magnums. Broad

  • 7 colors
  • Super Black alcohol-based ink is permanent and opaque.
  • High quality ink works on most surfaces.
  • Colours are dye-based ink and translucent.
  • Excellent for use on light coloured surfaces such as white paper.
  • 22ml capacity. Excellent for use on paper, cardboard, metal, and painted surfaces. 
  • 7mm chisel tip is best for smooth surfaces.
  • An excellent all-around marker.
  • Handmade in the USA.