MTN PRO Erasable Chalk Paint - White

MTN PRO Erasable Chalk Paint - White

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Removable chalk paint designed specially to be applied for temporary markings (construction, sports events, film decoration, Guerrilla marketing, kid’s games) or any other situation where the versatility of spray paint and its easy removal afterwards is needed.

Its formulation makes it quickly dry to the touch without any loose pigmentation on the surface.

To remove the paint, just scrub it off with a damp cloth or a pressure washer, the latter making it even easier to remove. Less porous painted surfaces are more easily cleaned.

Residuals from the paint’s removal can be poured down the drain without any environmental pollution concerns. Do a prior paint removal test on the surface to be painted.

Available in 8 colors. 400ml


•Matte Color.
•High opacity.
•Very fast drying.
•Erases by dampening with water.
•Once dry does not stain to the touch.
•Does not cause airborne dust.


•Temporary marking and signage.
•Decoration, industry.
•Kids activities.